EdocSync the file sync software allows teams to share

Version: co-author and synchronize
Date: 2013-12-18
No special requirements
Windows Vista/2003/XP
No special requirements

Description - EdocSync the file sync software allows teams to share

EdocSync the File Sync software helps team members to share, co-author and synchronize documents of any kind. EdocSync significantly simplifies, optimizes, automates the management of documents and enhances the Efficiency of the work processes surrounding the lifecycle of many document types used today, such as merging, versioning and sharing. It runs in real time using the Internet and local area networks transparently for the user, is easy to use, completely secured, and provides significant cost saving potential. EdocSync allows you to easily and efficiently collaborate within your team on your all-day work documents. File sync *Synchronize in real time all shared documents automatically or on demand. *Synchronize files of type or any size. *Work on files even if you are offline. Your changes will synchronize immediately when you have a LAN or an Internet connection. *Only the modifications of a file that has been changed (not the entire file) are synchronized. Save sync time. *Manage the configuration of EdocSync (port P2P and multicast, download speed). Spare bandwith. *After network outages, all interrupted transfers will be automatically recovered. *Available soon: your documents will be continuously synchronized, even if you are logged off from your user session. File sharing *Create as many workgroups you need by choosing Between 3 levels of workgroups` confidentiality (normal, regulated and confidential). *Edit in parallel the same documents, that are being edited by other workgroup members simultaneously (online & offline). No document is ever locked again. *See the modifications of other users instantly. *Access the entire history of each document. *Manage comfortably the access rights of every single document, folder or workgroup, or simply set Default rights.

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