Feuersalamander is a browser for internet kids.

Date: 2013-09-12

Description - Feuersalamander is a browser for internet kids.

A browser for internet kids. Since making software .. having kids means that the kids want to go online too, one needs to be on the safe surf side. After trying out the so-called `Content Advisor` in IE7 and when I finally stopped hitting my head on the table, I decided to do a Little browser myself. Easy to use, under parent`s control: A few of the features:Simple: You won`t find a browser that`s easier to use than the Feuersalamander.Secure: There is no address bar (for the kids) that triggers Google`s (image) search. Configuration ist encrypted and locked with the parent`s password.No Popups or New Windows: There`s only PaGE active at all times. New windows to open are treated as normal links.Intelligent Whitelisting: The parents decide which pages are safe to surf to. If you want to you can `Blind-trust` sites so that all pages that are linked from there are allowed, too. Which means if you have found a site that you can trust, you don`t have to explicitly allow sites that are linked from there.Symbolic Bookmarks: Kids can manage their own bookmarks with little icons (the parents too). New in version 2:One-Click Child Safety: Full control over the kid`s computer account! With just One Click harmful activities are eliminated, and the computer only executes what the parents have allowed. time quota control: The maximum amount of time the kid is allowed on the computer can be easily specified. After reaching the limit, the computer shuts down - and logging in is only possible again the next day.Executables: Installed software can be made accessible with bookmarks, too! So you can allow the mailer or certain games - inside the child safety!Exchange: Allowed sites and bookmarks can be exported and imported again - for the simple exchange with friends or relatives (of course, allowed sites can only be imported by parents...).Low priced: There is no monthly fee like with so many other browsers for kids.

Feuersalamander is a browser for internet kids.

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