Cirrus Configuration Manager

Version: 4
Date: 2013-09-27
No special requirements
Windows 2003/XP/2000
No special requirements

Description - Cirrus Configuration Manager

Unless your remote is Broken, we`re guessing you don`t leave the couch to change the channels on your television. So, why would you Telnet into each and every network device to make network configuration changes if you can do it automatically from a central location? Meet Cirrus. Cirrus is an affordable, easy-to-use network configuration and change management solution that automates device configuration management across multi-vendor network infrastructures. Cirrus delivers a unique Combination of scalability and robust functionality, such as: Automating network configuration changes a process that our customers report is 10 to 50 times faster than manually updating devices Managing and controlling device configurations from a central console Detecting and alerting on network configuration problems in real time Rolling back configuration changes on demand Supporting 25 or 25,000 devices in a multi-vendor network environment Orion NCM Highlights: Manage and centrally control network configuration changes across multi-vendor networks via a highly intuitive web console Get a comprehensive view into network health that presents enterprise-wide configuration health indicators side-by-side with network performance data from Orion NPM Quickly troubleshoot network issues with immediate visibility into the cause-and-effect relationship Between configuration management errors and network availability Receive real-time alerts when network configuration changes occur to protect against and quickly respond to unauthorized, unscheduled, or erroneous changes Detect configuration policy violations to ensure compliance with federal regulations and corporate standards Save time by leveraging shared device command templates, custom scripts, and configuration snippets created by the SolarWinds community Schedule automated backups of all device configurations in Complex network environments xf86config

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