Dragon Draw

Version: 3.1
No special requirements
Windows 2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT

Description - Dragon Draw

Dragon Draw is the "easy to use" drawing package which allows non-artists to easily Create beautiful custom business graphics (see screen shot below). You can drag and drop graphic objects from any of the seven palettes, which come with Dragon Draw, onto your drawing and it only takes 1MB on your disk. After dropping the objects in the drawing, connecting lines may be drawn by just clicking on the connection points. Thereafter, connections are automatically maintained by the program. Dragon Draw comes with palettes for US states maps, Bar Charts, organization charts, schedules, flow charts and network Diagrams. Palettes may be customized with new objects created by the user, or re-arranged by dragging them to a new location. Dragon Draw includes standard drawing tools such as lines, boxes, and circles with seven fill patterns and all the standard Windows colors. In addition, Dragon Draw has tools for irregular polygons, Bezier curves, Pie Charts and TrueType fonts. Polygons, Bezier curves and fonts may be scaled and rotated to any angle just by dragging a handle. Any group of objects can be combined to behave as one object. Dragon Draw is an OLE 2 container and server, which allows the embedding of other OLE objects and allows Dragon Draw drawings to be embedded and edited in-place, in any other program`s documents which support OLE 2. This means

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