Waybill Tracking

Version: 8.50
Date: 2013-09-02
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ARK Systems
Windows XP/2000/98
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Description - Waybill Tracking

ARK Systems Waybill Tracking Software simplifies the day-to-day procedures that Freight Forwarders, Couriers, and Truckers deal with. This easy-to-use package has been in use since 1986 by freight companies large and small. With the optional Client Server Back-end, we can easily handle 1 to 100 users. EASY TO USE - Our customers are always commenting how easy it is to learn and use our program. Pop-up lookup tables are available throughout. There is no need to memorize accounts or cryptic Key Codes. Enter customer and waybill information only once. Then print quotes, house waybills, bills of lading, airline waybills, agent alerts, labels, and Invoices. Send printouts to laser or dot matrix printers, PDF, fax, Word, Excel, etc. Because the program tracks both income and expenses per transaction, there are reports available at any time covering sales by customer, commissions paid, profit margin by month and waybill, customer lists, agent lists, etc. CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS - We understand that no two freight businesses work alike, so we expect some changes will be needed from the "generic" version. We can easily Create customized reports, form letters, labels, or queries on any data in the system. WEB ENABLED FEATURES - Post Customer information on your web site and allow them to enter online orders. EMAIL CUSTOMERS - Notify shippers as freight moves towards its destination. INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH DATABASE - Our software is based on Sybase Advantage Database(r). No server is required for small offices, but with the optional Client Server module, large databases and numerous users can easily be handled. No data conversions are needed to convert, so you can add back end power as you grow. ACCOUNTING Link - The Waybill Tracking System also exports invoices to QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, MYOB, or Peachtree so there is no re-keying data for Accounts Receivable.

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