Stealth Desktop

Version: 6.11
Date: 2013-08-16
No special requirements
Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP
No special requirements

Description - Stealth Desktop

The software records extensive Details about applications that have been used, web sites visited, chats and e-mails, keystrokes typed into any application, files created, renamed or moved, and takes regular screenshots of the desktop. If the computer being monitored is online you can also download files, view and control the desktop, and start and stop programs without the user even knowing! The software can be easily hidden from Windows Task Manager and the list of installed programs. Because the software runs as a Windows service, it is invisible, secure, and is also able to monitor Terminal Services and Remote Desktop sessions. All logs and transfers are encrypted for maximum security, and access to the program is controlled with an Administrator password. Logs and screenshots can also be exported remotely to your local PC for later Analysis. Stealth Desktop Recorder allows you to secretly monitor and record desktop activity on a PC, and view these logs remotely over a network in real-time. Features Logs the name, time and duration of every program used. Records a keystroke log of what the user typed into any program. Saves regular screenshot images of the users desktop. Records the title and URL of every web PaGE visited. Keeps a log of all files created, renamed, moved or deleted. View the logs in real-time from another PC. Open and close programs, web sites or documents remotely. Watch a live image of the users desktop without them knowing. Take control of the keyboard and mouse remotely. Download and manage files remotely. Log off, restart or shutdown the PC remotely. Operates in total stealth - no visible windows, icons or Processes. Runs as a Windows service - impossible for users to DISARM.

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