Pretty Secure Command

Version: 1.29
Date: 2013-08-14
No special requirements
Paul Jorgensen
Windows XP/2000/98
No special requirements

Description - Pretty Secure Command

This program will allow the client to run a program such as an installation program or a utility program with alternate credentials securely. So if you want a client/user to be able to run a program with a different user account without logging out of their own session, this is the utility for that. The program currently uses RC4 encryption and a dynamic padding function, and it is planned to add AES and other encryption options. This program is somewhat like Mark Russinovich`s PsTools program for Microsoft which is called "PsExec" but with completely different functionality and a different purpose. I follow Mark`s example and release this program free of charge without warranty of any kind for your use ( see license below ). If your a Network Administrator it can help out in many situations. There was no intent in its design for it to be used outside of a private network. It is only to be used for good. psCmd is also something like the "sudo" command in Linux but it does not provide a sustained session within its own functionality. If a non-terminating session is required use "cmd /k" with the programs command line to provide a non-terminating console session. psCmd can be used and is intended to be used remotely, but does not Connect to remote machines, it is intended that the client will be provided with a locally accessible copy.

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