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Version: 2.10
Date: 2013-07-25
No special requirements
Tibo Software
Windows Vista/XP/2000/98
No special requirements

Description - [email protected] Puzzle Promo Creator

[email protected] Puzzle Promo Creator is a wizard, which will assist in fast and easy creation of your own promotional Jigsaw puzzle games, the so-called [email protected] Puzzle Promos. [email protected] Puzzle Promo is a small executable file, after running it a playing field is displayed in the lower part of the screen and your advertising banner or logo is displayed in the upper part of the screen. It is of course possible to make a link from the banner to your web site. It is also possible to use the animated banner and get a considerable amount of space for your presentation. Regarding the FACT that [email protected] Puzzle Promo is very small, it is possible to exhibit it on your web site, distribute it via e-mail, on disk or CD-ROM. [email protected] Puzzle Promo Creator is a freeware. You can for example use [email protected] Puzzle Promo as: * Promotion of the new product or service * Daily jigsaw puzzle for visitors to your web site * giFT to customers, readers, employees (daily, each issue, for Christmas, for New Year`s Day...) * Presentation of your Company * Bonus to the product * ...

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