Version: 1.19
Date: 2013-07-18
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Windows XP/2000/98/Mac OS X/Mac OS 9/Unix/Linux
Java Runtime Environment

Description - GiftedMotion

GiftedMotion is a small and easy to use GIF Animator. If you are looking for a simple way, to design a slideshow from a series of digital images or scanned photos from your camera, to be used on your homepage or as a forum avatar, without the hassle of learning how to use a full featured graphics suite like Adobe Photoshop or the GIMP, then GiftedMotion is probably the right image editing software for you. In order to use the software, you do not need any training in graphics design beyond the absolute basics. Operating the tool itself is as straight forward as it can be. Just load the pictures, your animation is is suppose to consist of, adjust the digital frames to your liking and you are good to go. Special care was taken in making the user interface of Giftedmotion as intuitive and straight forward to use as possible, as can be seen in this screenshot. Producing results with this software is a simple, easy to do, five steps process. For any remaining questions, please feel free to consult the online handbook or send a message via the Contact Form. The download link for Giftedmotion can be found at the bottom of this page, you can either download the software and store it locally on your computer or Bookmark This Page and start GiftedMotion directly from here, whenever you need it.Features of the current version: * Runs on Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. * Multi language support * GPL software, no licensing costs. * No installation required. Just put the jar file on your Desktop (or any place else) and start it. GiftedMotion will not bury itself into your operation system. * Supports the following input formats: PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF. * Easy to adjust position of images within frames and size of the resulting image. * Preview function. * Able to edit existing images Aplead to webmasters and bloggers: Backlinks are much appreciated. However, please link to this page instead of directly to the program.

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