JIRA Client Pro

Version: 2.0.1
No special requirements
ALM Works
Windows 7/Vista/XP

Description - JIRA Client Pro

JIRA Client boosts your productivity with an interactive, familiar Outlook-like interface, enables greater mobility with its offline mode, and has many useful features such as smart search, time tracking widget, screenshot editor, and others. Features & Benefits * Rich User Interface Get Instant Access to issues from a familiar Outlook-like tree view interface - no need to browse through a bunch of web pages and wait for them to load.* Offline Mode Work with issues even when you are offline, outside of your corporate network or have a slow VPN connection. Changes made offline are automatically synchronized to JIRA when back online.* Smart Search Browse through issues with hierarchical Drill-down and Create filters with advanced queries.* Screen Capture Capture, edit and attach screenshots to issues.* Time Tracking Track time spent on tasks and issues with simple start-stop buttons, publish timesheets to JIRA as work logs.* Integration with IDE Access issues from within IntelliJ IDEA and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.* Multi-Platform JIRA Client is supported on Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, and Linux. Unlimited Version * For enterprises. * For professionals using JIRA daily. Changes in JIRA Client 2.0.1 * Issue may be moved to another project if only type is changed * JCO-464 Get list of attachments from XML * JCO-463 Remaining Time, changed via Time Tracker window, reverts back after publish

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