Version: 3.92
Date: 2013-10-09
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98
No special requirements

Description - Flashdeli

Flashdeli is intended for instant message transmission Between users of a local area network. The program is launched at computer startup and stays in the system tray. You may activate the program either by double clicking its icon in the tray or by pressing the preset key combinations (HotKey). The program can also popup whenever a new message is received. Main features: * Quick and easy installation.* User-friendly interface.* The opportunity to use arbitrary user names (Nicknames) in communication.* Ability to send messages of any size.* Ability to send a message to several users or even to the entire user group.* Request the information on the Active Windowwindow listprocess list on the remote computer.* Ability to display messages in one of the two modes.* Convenient display of computers available on the network.* Allows you to define your own user groups.* You can associate specific sounds with the particular users.* Hotkeys assigned to the most frequently used functions.* Keeps a record of incoming and outgoing messages in the log file.* The built-in filter system allows filtering incoming messages using five parameters.* Answering machine feature.* Redirecting messages.* Quick Messages.* Autoreplace feature.* Ping any network host from User Context Menu.* Open any network host in Windows Explorer from the context menu.* Fully customizable program interface* The opportunity to add the user In Waiting Hall and to receive the notification when the specified user appears in the network.

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