Voltmeter Clock ScreenSaver

Version: 3.1
Date: 2013-10-06
No special requirements
Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me
No special requirements

Description - Voltmeter Clock ScreenSaver

Do you remember the old classical Voltmeter devices used to measure voltage? Now we force it to measure Time at your Desktop! It`s a revolutionary break-through in the modern design technology! It also has a magical power to help you gather strength with every second, minute and hour passed. Unleash your Imagination and have fun with the Vanguard Voltmeter Clock screensaver while being able to know exact time! The upper long hand measures seconds. S indicator means Seconds as well as Serenity. You can easily feel it`s effect with light electrical waves at your third Eye area. Every second passed with this futuristic device extends the probability of afflatus in the nearest future. The bottom Right hand shows Minutes. M sign means Minutes as well as Mind. It`s harder to feel the impact of this indicator physically but its influence is even deeper. Each minute passed with this clock can rise our intuitive skills and can also help us to take the Right decisions especially when we don`t know exactly what to do. The bottom left indicator with H mark means Hours and Heart as well. It has positive influence on our Heart Chakra. It`s capable to harmonize it to the higher extent with the boundaries we can limit ourself.Voltmeter Clock Screensaver Features No adware, no spyware, no viruses Volmeter face Techno Design Accurate Time Hidden Magic feature Relaxing Environment Absolutely Free Clock Contribution to the Evolution

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