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Date: 2013-09-05
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Most people are unaware, that beside the normal browser cookies, websites using Flash have the possiblity to save own cookies. These cookies are not deleted together with the browser cookies, and can be used through all browsers. MAXA Cookie Manager lists new generation cookes like Flash and Silverlight cookies together with conventional cookies of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, K-Melon and Flock browsers. You can explore their contents and delete them. If you want, MAXA Cookie Manager can automatically check for new cookies periodically.Often you do not want any traffic to some sites placing cookies, mainly advertising sites. MAXA Cookie Manager provides you with the possibility to block any traffic to these sites. It is also possible to block particular cookies, or all cookies of a specific type. Cookies you want to keep, can be organized in a whitelist and won`t be deleted. MAXA Cookie Manager runs under all Windows Versions, chronologically starting from Windows 98 until Windows 7. The interface is in English, German, French and Spanisch languages. FeatureList all cookies that are on your machineShow type, website, size, date of creation and modification, expiration date. Filter, evaluate and sort. Overview of total number of stored, new and deleted Cookies. YES YES Display the content in human readable formLook at what the website stores on your computer. YES YES Manage Standard Browser CookiesStandard http-Cookies of all the major browsers are supported (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, K-Melon, Flock and derivates). YES YES Manage Special Browser CookiesFirefox DOM Storage and Internet Explorer UserData Storage. YES Can be shown and examined but not be deleted Manage Browser-Independent CookiesFlash-Cookies and Silverlight Isolated Storage.These are especially a risk to privacy as they are shared among all browsers and are not deleted together with standard browser cookie

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