Version: 2.2.0 Beta 11
For Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
Mac OS X

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Textures is a programmable desktop publishing system for Macintosh. An interactive, integrated implementation of the TeX typesetting language, Textures is most commonly used for producing scientific articles and textbooks. Textures is also an extraordinary tool for fine typography, database and catalogue publishing and automated document production. You can read a Review of Textures by William D. Walker. WHAT IS NEW IN TEXTURES 2.1? JPEG output for HTML Web publishers with Textures 2.1 you can now save any typeset PaGE directly to JPEG format, so TeX generated mathematics can easily be included in your Web pages. PDF links: TeX cross reference links in HTML documents are now carried over into PDF documents automatically. TeX Log error menu: the Marks menu in the TeX Log window automatically collects pointers to errors detected by the TeX processor, so the user can choose any Mark to go directly to both the error message (in the TeX Log context) and also to the original source document. Interactive external editor interface! Textures 2.1 offers an external interface that now allows complete access to all of the interactive features known to Textures users, including including Flash Mode, Synchronicity, Project Master, and more. The editor Link in Textures 2.1 provides a first class external editor interface whereby Textures and your favorite editor appear as if they were a single integrated application, nearly seamlessly switching Between functions.

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