Cool Calendar

Version: 4.1
Date: 2013-08-25
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/NT
No special requirements

Description - Cool Calendar

Cool Calendar is a software of Desktop Calendar integrated with powerful Event Management and other daily information like weathre Forecast. All contents of Cool Calendar on desktop is customizable, we provide many well-designed skins by Default, if you like, you can design the skin by yourself. Compared with other same kind of softwares, Cool Calendar has no application window on desktop, no matter how many contents you choosed to display on desktop, the memory usage is still very low, and almost doesn`t take any CPU time. You can even choose keep the Cool Calendar contents on desktop after quit the program. Our goal is to deliver the perfect calendar onto your desktop. Make Cool Calendar be an artwork on the desktop, brings in the vision enjoys for you, and facilitates your life and work at the same time. Features list Display calendar , events list and other daily information like weather forcast on desktop. The contents Cool Calendar display on desktop can integrate with the wallpaper perfectly. Support auto change wallpaper. All contents Cool Calendar display on desktop is optional, if you don`t like, you can choose didn`t display them at the preference window. We provide many well-designed skin by default, if you like, you can design the skin by yourself, for detail please refer the online help. You can directly set the display styles for different types of dates at the preference window, providing yourself a more informative view. Customizable elements include: font, background, Frame, and transparency. Manage appointments and events: Supporting recurring events at regular intervals, including days, weeks, months and years. A reminder system with message and sound notifications prior to the due time of the event (Like this image).Support set different icons for each event, and also display the icons on desktop calendar.Events list data can export to Webpage, Text, XML and iCalendar format file, and can directly export

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