Actipro CodeHighlighter

Version: 4.0.0057
Date: 2013-08-12
.NET Framework 2.0 or higher, Visual Studio .NET 2005 or higher
Windows XP/2000/98
.NET Framework 2.0 or higher, Visual Studio .NET 2005 or higher

Description - Actipro CodeHighlighter

Actipro Software has donated the CodeHighlighter ASP.NET web control to the developer community as freeware. CodeHighlighter is the most powerful source code syntax highlighting component available for the .NET environment. It makes providing syntax highlighted code samples on your web sites a trivial task. The code samples have a professional appearance and are easy to read. You essentially tell the ASP.NET CodeHighlighter web control what code to Highlight (either by inserting it inline or by programmatically setting a Text property) and in the rendering phase of its web page it outputs the code in syntax highlighted format. Custom language definitions may be developed for the control and code outlining, line numbering, and keyword linking are even supported. The CodeHighlighter component is based on the engine of the popular Actipro SyntaxEditor control, a .NET Windows Forms syntax-highlighting text editor control that has nearly all the features and capabilities of the Visual Studio .NET code editor. Many of the same classes that are used in CodeHighlighter are also used in SyntaxEditor, therefore allowing language definitions and semantic parser code to be shared Between the two products. For more information about SyntaxEditor see below or visit the control`s home page. Feature List CodeHighlighter supports the following major features: * Flexible ASP.NET web control inferface that syntax highlights source code * Code can be added within the web control`s tag block or set programmatically * Web.config file configuration settings * Language definition caching * Multiple language support * Custom backtracking NFA regular expression engine * XML language definitions * Lexical parsing of text into tokens * Code outlining via DHTML * Code outlining degrades gracefully if the browser will not support it * Line numbers with custom colors and padding characters * Keyword linking to external URLs

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