WinSafe XP

Version: 1.4.06
Date: 2013-07-23
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Windows XP
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Description - WinSafe XP

Nothing STOPS WinSafe except a power failure! Works on English and foreign languages, Networks, Compressed drives, and Dual boot systems! It will verify your system files on Shut Down of Windows, when you backup and when you restore. With WinSafe on your computer, you will never get locked out of Windows again! WinSafe watches for Trojans, viruses, and Hijackers (Hijacked Home PaGE) as it protects your Registry. It`s the fastest and easiEST way to recover from any crash or Registry problem. WinSafe has all the tools needed to correct hardware or software problems. Nothing could be FASTER or easier; just a click of a button or type the word WINSAFE at the Command prompt and your back in Windows. It backs up your Registry, VMM32.vxd file and other files that Windows needs to boot - no other utility does this. You may never have to reinstall Windows again. Find out why so many users would not own a computer without WinSafe installed. What else can it do? *Puts hidden Windows tools at your finger tips *Keeps several Registry backups available for easy access *Restores a corrupted Registry without losing any data from your hard drive *Monitors up to 100 backup Registries *Replaces missing or corrupt Windows files *Can delete files in use, perfect tool for deleting hijackers and worms *Puts a Keyboard on your screen should Windows be Unable to load yours *Warns you if your Firewall has been disabled *Warns you if your Computer has Remote Access enabled *Automatically checks for changes even if you do not reboot everyday *Does not run in the background hogging up your resources

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