Version: 3.06
Date: 2013-07-18
For Illustrator 8 or higher
Windows Vista/XP
For Illustrator 8 or higher

Description - EXDXF-Pro3

EXDXF-Pro3 provides you with the capability to import CAD standard DXF files to Adobe Illustrator, and to export AI files to CAD, allowing you to make your data compatible in both applications. Illustrator CS4 includes basic DXF/DWG import and export functions, but the translator of Adobe Illustrator may not recognize or convert lines, curves and objects as you desire in every case. EXDXF-Pro3 can export and import to bridge Adobe Illustrator with the CAD environment to output DXF files with beautiful and accurate curved lines based on its own smoothing technology. It is the perfect tool for operators who work with both CAD and Adobe Illustrator! Features:Covers DXF release 12 Requires about 512KB of memory Own smoothing technology Line optimization based on own technology Reduces the number of anchor points and peaks Ability to output lines that meets the requirement of each CAD user Supports JW-CAD Opens & expands appearance Better coordinates accuracy (4digit to 6digit) Ability to support CAD applications that limits the peak number function You can save the preset setting as you export. Importing Supports DXF versions for R12.R13.R14 Ability to read maps larger than 3m

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