Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-07-12
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98
No special requirements

Description - X-RayPc

As the spyware versus anti-spyware battle rages on, we were looking for good tools that allow a user to examine the contents of his or her machine and to take corrective actions against questionable programs. An excellent candidate for this is "HijackThis" by Merijn, which is already in use by many"anti spyware experts". We are a big fan of Merjin`s work and we felt that HJT could be improved upon in some ways and thus the idea for X-RayPc Spyware Process Analyzer was born. We took the best aspects of the HJT concept and linked it up to the SpywareGuide Greynets Database. The result is something like a systems management tool with a built-in expert system. Please note that X-RayPC is not intended to replace your anti-spyware solution but to act as a useful research tool. Currently X-RayPC is free for non-commercial use. Features: Functional -Lists active processes -List auto starting programs -Lists BHOs, Download Program Files, IE Extension plugins, etc... -Shows file size and MD5 of all files instantly -One-Click "Triage" : shows which items are "good", "bad" or "unknown" -Integrated file-uploader -Integrated deactivation and removal of an item or file -Can kill running processes (within the limits of the OS security model) -Can delete in-use files (after reboot) -Can export the log file in text form, Excel format and in HJT-compatible format -Detects hundreds of suspicious programs Technical -Fully compiled Win32 executable-Single file download: No external runtimes, DLL`s, libraries,... -No install needed. No installer to mess with. Grab the executable and run it. Delete it when done. -Fast! Complete Analysis of the system is done in a few seconds.

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