MySpace Booster

Version: 1.0
Date: 2014-01-01
No special requirements
Windows Vista/XP/98/Me
No special requirements

Description - MySpace Booster

The MySpace booster (for Internet Explorer) enhances your MySpace experience, making MySpace more reliable, more powerful, and easier to use. Auto-login, quick access to contact tables and hidden profile areas, and easily pimp out your MySpace comments with formatted text & graphics.The ultimate MySpace utility, the MySpace booster vastly improves your MySpace experience by providing powerful new functionality and saving you time on all of your most common MySpace activities. Here`s a survey of just some of the features: * Easy Comment Smileys! Myspace Comment Smileys No copy/paste. Just click to insert smileys into your MySpace comments. Select from 100s. * Auto-Login MySpace Auto Login MySpace never remembers your username or password. The MySpace booster does, so you now have one-click access to all your favorite feature areas like Comments, Messages, Bulletins, and more. * View hidden layout areas Access a user`s hidden areas even if their MySpace layout has been customized to hide them. * Pimp your Comments MySpace Comment Utilities Create richly-formatted comments with your own custom signature, fonts, colors, images, and smileys. * One-click contact table MySpace Contact Tables Direct Access to the current user`s contact table. No need to hunt around their myspace profile to find how to send a message or comment. It`s all right there on the This User menu of the MySpace Booster. * Search the web MySpace Search Utility Quickly and easily search all of the biggest web properties, including Google Groups, Images, Wikipedia, YouTube, Yahoo, and more. * Reliable & Safe ProfileMine is one of the biggest providers of MySpace Layouts, MySpace Comment graphics, and the most advanced WYSIWYG MySpace Profile Editor.

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