AllKeys Macro

Version: 2.401
Date: 2013-12-02
No special requirements
Windows Vista/XP/2000
No special requirements

Description - AllKeys Macro

AllKeys Macro is a macro program combined with a program launcher and ergonomic tools designed to help you Improve your Efficiency on the computer. For users looking for a flexible but robust macro solution that allows you to record and organize a large number of macros, AllKeys Macro is the Windows macro software for you. Great for office, home, and gaming macros. Features: * Macro record and playback* Keyboard and mouse macros* Easy access program launcher* User friendly macro editor* Macro playback with hot key* Application specific macros* Speed playback adjustment* Macro import/export* On-demand macro list* Multiple user profiles* Remap keys* Break Time reminders* Computer use monitoring* Keyboard-based mousing* Extensive shortcut key support*Sticky keys option With AllKeys Macro the user can automate repetitive tasks. For example, you can type your address or check your webmail with a simple shortcut key. For gaming, you can automate and repeat common actions. The Macro Recorder lets the user easily record commands while the macro editor lets the user edit commands quickly and accurately.rogram Launcher The "Program Launcher" allows the user to quickly find programs and applications in the Start Menu or on the desktop by performing simple keyword searches. Ergonomic ToolsBreak Timer- tracks computer work time, key presses, and mouse clicks. Also reminds you when to take a break.Keyboard Based Mousing- with the easy-to-use mouse Box, you can move through the screen, select items, drag and drop, and do all other major mouse actions with keyboard commands only.

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