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Version: 1.01
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT

Description - Flash Wallpaper

Flash Wallpaper essentially converts a Flash (.swf) file into a distributable desktop item: installable Wallpaper, for you can ight-click? and set a Flash file as Wallpaper. But in this Process Flash Wallpaper brings the tremendous potential of Flash programming to the desktop: Desktop Promotions, Syndication (using XML-RSS Feeds), Gaming, Event Calendars to name a few. Features and Benefits Why use Flash Wallpaper?Promotion. A flash wallpaper is the best way to deliver rich media content to right on to the user`s desktop. Tenmiles Flash Wallpaper helps you Create installable flash wallpaper. Installable Flash wallpapersIt`s easy and hassle free. Creating an installable wallpaper as easy as 1-2-3. End users` installing the wallpaper will not need any plugin or flash. Any flash file Flash Wallpaper supports SWF created using any software including Macromedia Flash 4, Flash 5 and Flash 6/MX, Flash MX 2004. You can also specify additional resource files required by the Wallpaper E

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