Version: 2.82
Date: 2013-10-17
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98/Me
No special requirements

Description - CPJNSMTPConnection

Welcome to CPJNSMTPConnection. a collection of MFC classes to support the SMTP protocol. SMTP for those not familiar with all the internet protocols is the protocol used to send internet email. Also included with the SMTP classes in the download is a class called "CPJNMD5Hash" which provides for calculation of MD5 hashes and HMACs using the MS Crypto API as well as a class called "CNTLMClientAuth" which provides a reusable client side implementation for NTLM authentication. Features -Simple and clean C++ interface. -The interface provided is synchronous which provides an easier programming model than using asynchronous sockets. -The code does not rely on the MFC socket classes. These classes have a number of shortcomings, one of which causes problems when they are used in NT services. -The code can be used in a console application without any problems (Again this is not the case for the MFC socket classes). -A configurable timeout for the connection can be set through the class API. -The classes are fully Unicode compliant and include Unicode built options in the workspace file. -Full support is included for CC (Carbon Copy) & BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). -Support for regular email address formats and multiple email address parsing. -Full support for MIME and MHTML (aka HTML Email). -Full support for MIME Charsets. -Comprehensive sample program included which exercises most of the classes functionality. -Supports numerous authentication protocols including "AUTH CRAM-MD5", "AUTH LOGIN", "AUTH PLAIN" and "AUTH NTLM". An "Auto Detection" form of authentication is also supported. In this mode, the authentication protocols supported by the server are detected and the most appropriate protocol is used.


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