Optimal Report Generator

Version: 5.0
Date: 2013-10-05
Java 2 Runtime Environment v 1.4 or higher
Windows XP/2000/98/Me/Linux
Java 2 Runtime Environment v 1.4 or higher

Description - Optimal Report Generator

Optimal Report Generator is a multiplatform product based on Java technology for graphic reports creation/preview/printing, using both sources from Relational databases or data entered by the user through a program. It runs on Solaris, Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux or any Java2-compliant platforms. - Exports reports in various formats, including: XSL Formatting Objects, PDF and HTML- Ease of use, through new features as: alignment of objects relative to PaGE borders, editing of data sources in the Tree Panel, etc.- Various data formats can be applied to the report`s data fields (numeric formats, currency formats, date and time formats)- Macros (for page number, date of report generation, number of report pages) can be included in any report section- Supports Environment Variables that let users define run-time bound values. Using these variables in Advanced filters, you can define filtering criteria specific for each report layout, Independent of the filters defined in data sources.- Both report`s data sources and layout may be handled (creation, modification) from within your Windows applications using the new ORG API- Optimal Report Generator Runtime offers the possibility of using ORG as report Server in your web-based applications- An easier access to our support is available- An enhanced Programming Guide for Optimal Report Generator API is now available with samples in C++ and Java- Has multiple data sources (databases and/or programmed Interfaces)- Can be interfaced with Java programs and/or various types of program modules through its JNI-interface- Has a powerful report and data source designer- Defines re-usable report components (visual object-oriented report creation)- The end-user can change dynamically modify the report layout and the data sources- Runs on all Sun ava enabled platforms- Works with all databases supported by the Optimal Middleware Java edition

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