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Date: 2013-09-18
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Description - ChemEng Economics Calculator

ChemEng Economics Calculator was mainly made to do the basic method of estimating the Net Present Value of a Process plant. This easy to use software also include few small calculators, below is a list of the main features:(A) Net Present Value- the software goes through a series of calculations to do the estimate!. Starting from,1.Fixed Capital Investment: the ability to chose from `Purchased Cost` of plant items, hence the estimation of FIXED&TOTAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT (Direct and Indirect Costs), OR `Installed Costs` of plant items where the software will use a FIXED CAPITAL INVESTMENT multiplyer to take into accout the additional cost associated with building the plant.2.Operating Labour: through a basic series of `Auxiliary Facilities` and `Process Equipment` lists the software will estimate the TOTAL NUMBER OF OperaTor NEEDED & ANNUAL COST OF OPERATING LABOUR. You simply enter the `Expected Annual Salary of Operators in The Plant` and `The Number of Units`, the software will then calculate the "THE NUMBER OF OPERATORS NEEDED PER SHIFT` .3. Utilities: To calculate the `TOTAL UTILITY COSTS/YEAR".4.Raw Materials & Profits:Calculates the ANNUAL cost of Raw Materials and ANNUAL Products Profits.5.Production Costs: Calculate the ANNUAL Production Costs (customised calculations).6.Assumptions: The software uses assumptions to estimate the NET PRESENT VALUE.You can customise the assumptions to suit your needs, `Plant Construction Period up to 5 Years`, `Depreciation Period from 3 to 20 Years`, `Plant Operation Period up to 20 Years`, you can also set the `Tax Rate %`, `Discounted Cash Flow Rate %" and "Salvage Value %`, You can also SET INFLATION RATE.

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