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Ali Keshavarz
Windows XP/2000/98/Me

Description - vBulletin PM Reader

Many online forums use vBulletin as their forum engine. For each forum user, vBulletin provides a limited inbox for private messages. It also lets users to download their inbox as a single XML file.vBulletin PM Reader is a free utility for managing your private messages in different vBulletin forums locally. It imports XML files generated by vBulletin, parses all the messages, and stores them in a local database. vBulletin PM Reader can recognize BBCode formatting tags and smilies in messages and generate appropriate text formatting for them in its preview pane and exported HTML files. Different smilies sets could be assigned to different forum data files. Features: vBulletin PM Reader is a Freeware and does NOT install any Ad ware or Spyware. BBCodes are supported for formatting text. Supported tags are: [B],[U],[I],[URL],[CODE],[IMG],[RIGHT],[CENTER],[LEFT],[RTL],[COLOR],[SIZE],[QUOTE]. Smilies are supported in messages. Users can have different smilies set for different forums. vBulletin PM Reader can search for any particular message in its database. Search Filter could be a Combination of folder name, Sender or receiver name, date/time, or message subject. vBulletin PM Reader lets user to have different database files to store messages from different online forums. Messages are stored according to their folder name and they could be sorted by their date, subject, sender or receiver`s name. Duplicated messages are recognized automatically and could be reconciled by user. Unwanted messages could be deleted from database. Each message could be exported to a HTML file. Right-to-Left reading is supported in preview pane.

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