The Personal FTP Server Professional

Version: 5.52
No special requirements
Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT

Description - The Personal FTP Server Professional

You can order the Personal FTP Server in a professional version.Additional features of the professional version:- Execute programms on the serverAll Data which is uploaded in the execute path will be executeted by the server- Up to 3000 Users- Up to 24 paths for each user (Multidirectorys)- Remotecontrol from all browsers- Autobackup of all userdata- Timewindows for for each user- Downloadlimit for each user per hour/day/week or month- Select your own port- Publish your IP on your own Homepage- Allow only known IP`s and reject the others- Additional right "rw" for read and write but not delete.- Traceroute function- Wildcards "*" und "?" are allowed in PFTP PRO to config IP Groups easy.- AutoDial in / logon- Disconnect from your ISP at a special time- Included emailsupport- All updates are included- Limit the max userspace per user and path- Allow a LIST for files- Define different rights for each user and path- and many more features.Do you have more than 3000 users? No problem. PFTP PRO can berecoded for you in a few minutes.

The Personal FTP Server Professional 3000 Users

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