Future Scanner

Version: 1.1
Date: 2013-12-24
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Albert Timashev
Windows XP/2000/98/Me
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Description - Future Scanner

Future Scanner is created with the purpose of research of a resonance Between a current geocosmic situation and the Earth nousphere. The basic methods included into the program allow to determine an important periods of life of the concrete person, organization or state, to determine the characteristics of those periods, and also to analyze a situation on the Earth as a whole on the given time interval. Future Scanner allows to analyze a geocosmic situation, representing it by the way of visual graph calculated on a basis of planets of the Solar system positions relative to the Earth or a concrete place on its surface. The system of weights allows to select an Influence by one or several planets from the geocosmic situation at whole. There are two kinds of interaction doing the primary influence on the Earth nousphere.The first kind concerns a concrete place on the Earth and is determined by the planets of the Solar system positions relative to the local horizon, main vertical and meridian. In the astrology this interaction is named horoscopical and is the primary subject of consideration. The second kind of interaction is the planet positions relative to each other and/or relative to any other important points of the firmament. This interaction does not depend on a site on the Earth and thereof has a global nature. In astrology it is named aspects.The sense of the first kind of interactions is more correct, than in usual astrological practice, calculation of so-called "cardinal points of a Horoscope", being the projections of a meridian and horizon on an ecliptic.The second kind of interactions is extremely close to classical concept of aspects. However, the Author interprets aspects not as the fixed angular distances, but as the characteristics of "phases" between the planets. It means, that it`s senseless to allocate huge amounts of aspects and to provide them unique characteristics, as many astrologers do. Really in a Circle there are

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