Version: 2.3
Date: 2013-12-20
No special requirements
Windows 98/Me
No special requirements

Description - jobeasy

JobEasy is an easy to use accounts software made to allow users get more with less efforts. The primary purpose of keeping computerized accounting is that to reduce the workload of the AccountANT and provide them with other facilities. So, JobEasy is developed keeping this goal into mind and takes minimum possible input from the users to work.Some Features Of the Software Are: -(i) Various reports like Balance SHEET, P&L A/C, TRIAL BALANCE, LEDGER MONTHLY SUMMARY REPORT, GROUP WISE SUMMARY, DAY BOOK, QUERY PROCESSOR etc.(ii) Data can be backed to a single small sized file for portability.(iii) Reports can be easily drilled down to in-depth level Details by pressing ENTER key Or Mouse click. (iv) Graphical Display and Mouse support.(v) Reports with graph support where suitable.(vi) At the time of input various checks are provided, such that error prevention instead of `error detection and correction` mechanism is used to make your work even more easier.(vii) Settings option provides the facility to the users to format their reports in a different way and to enable - disable various options. Like whether show percentage with the report, Scale report to some figure etc. Also allows users to control other options, like after how much time log-out a user if no key is pressed. (viii) Calculator, SMART Narration capability, Graph, Copy-Paste data, Scalable reports, Percentage with reports, Automatic log-off, Alarm etc Instead of the above mentioned few features a lots of more features exists. And the list would go long if I try to mention all here. Instead I recommend you to use this software.

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