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The Guide to Online Dating?will help you decide whether online dating is something that you should even pursue. Online dating is not for everyone so get the facts. If you do not understand what it is and How It Works, you can learn everything you need to know in a way that is non-threatening and spare yourself the embarrassment of asking friends and acquaintances. Find out: * Whether online dating is right for you * What Online Dating Service is best for your needs * How much information you should share * Dating advice for men * Dating advice for women * When is the right time to meet * Different types of dating services * How to determine if you?e being lied to * Get the most out of studying the Profiles * and. . .much more!One of the best pieces of advice we can share is to look at online dating as a way to find a new friend. After all, isn? that the best basis for starting any kind of a relationship? You bet it is!

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