Last Minute Bidder Home Edition

Version: 4.02
Date: 2013-12-12
No special requirements
Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT
No special requirements

Description - Last Minute Bidder Home Edition

Last Minute Bidder is a powerful and reliable auction assistant which monitors the auction?s Progress and precisely places the bid seconds before the end of an auction. This way saves you money! The typical increase of the bidding price which sometimes occurs at the beginning of an auction is avoided, an end of an auction is never missed out and each bidding step can be set precisely to the cent. The interface of Last Minute Bidder is user-friendly and allows a good overview of the functions offered by the program. There are two versions of the program available: our classic Last Minute Bidder 4.0 Home Edition, and Last Minute Bidder 4.0 Deluxe Edition for professional bidders. Deluxe Edition is a package of the popular Last Minute Bidder with an entirely new possibility of taking part in an auction: bidding from another PC via email. In addition, the Deluxe Edition offers many new functions which expand the broad Spectrum of the program to save time and money. Disappointments after unsuccessful auctions can be avoided in this manner. With the new eBay assistant, bidding becomes an exciting event which guarantees you to be the winner.

Last Minute Bidder Home Edition Last Minute Minute Bidder

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