Pocket PC Board Foot Calculator

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-12-10
No special requirements
Windows CE
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Description - Pocket PC Board Foot Calculator

Calculates Board Feet Of Any Board, or keeps a running total of all boards enteredThe Project Mode, allows you to enter the total board ft required in a job, then when you go to buy materials, you can input the size boards available, and it tells you how many to buy!Linear Foot - Board Foot conversions Imagine going to buy materials for a job. You never know how much to buy. Now with the board ft calculator in your pocket, you can figure it out on the SPOT!You know after using Woodworkers Estimate Helper on your project, you need 55 board feet of Cherry, but you never know what size materials are in stock, until you get there. With the board foot calculator in your pocket, when you get to the lumber yard, and you find your perfect boards, just type in the required board feet, enter the board size available that day, and the program tells you how many boards to buy to complete your project!

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