Version: 2006.10.25
Date: 2013-09-12

Description - QDictionary

QDictionary allows Windows Internet Explorer users to Highlight words and get their definitions or look them up in the Thesaurus using the selection`s right-click context menu. QDictionary currently only supports English words.When you run the installer, it should come back to this page (if it doesn`t, Bookmark This Page, close your browser, re-open it and come back). In the new window, select one of the hard words below then right-click over the selection. You should see an option titled "Lookup Word". If you don`t, then copy the URL address from the browser, close IE and open a new IE. Paste the URL in the location field and click Go. You will come back to this page, and when you do, you should now see the "Lookup Word" context menu. Selecting that option will open up another browser window containing the defintion of the selected word from Dictionary.com. You can use QDictionary to lookup defintions for words you find on any page on the Web. QDictionary also provides Thesaurus functionality using the "Thesaurus" option in the selection`s context menu.

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