FlightKeeper Standard Edition

Version: 1.4.8
Date: 2013-10-08
No special requirements
Aristeus Inc
Windows Vista/XP/2000
No special requirements

Description - FlightKeeper Standard Edition

Features: Easy to use interface lets you add your flight data records quickly and accurately Time-saving entry features include drop down lists for aircraft type, aircraft registration, pilot name, and the copy/paste functionality allows copying/pasting records, making it easier and FASTER than ever! View your total flying hours within a specified number of days especially useful for the professional pilot who needs to know how many hours were flown within a specified period! Column reordering feature allows you to reorder columns when in Data View. Auto-update feature automatically checks for new program versions, so you don`t have to! Unlimited custom fields! Can be used to track and report on specific Details you that are important to you. For example: tail Dragger time, aerobatics, instructing time, just to name a few. Detailed and summary reports that include your custom fields are available. Imagine being able to find your total tail dragger time in a matter of seconds without sifting through pages of flight data! Powerful, yet very easy to use search capabilities allows you to search and display flight data records based on your specified criteria. The very same search engine is used for record selection in reports. For example, you may only want to display and calculate totals of your flights from the last month, or six months. Perhaps you want to total only your tail dragger time during that period.. An easy job, if you`re using FlightKeeper! In a matter of seconds, you`ll have the information at your fingertips. Powerful reporting, with running totals displayed on each report page, with totals based on records selected at the end of the report. Reports are exportable to different file formats, making it easy to share data with others, or even Create your own reports.

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