UliCampaigner Pro

Version: 2.0.0
Date: 2013-09-25
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/NT/Unix/Linux
No special requirements

Description - UliCampaigner Pro

Ulices Information Systems LLC announces the release of UliCampaigner Pro 2.0.0, a full-featured, web based eCampaign management program targeted at business users who seek the integration of a powerful eMarketing tool into their website. UliCampaigner combines feature-rich eMarketing, newsletter and Mailing List Management with exceptional ease of use allowing for SMART eCampaigns with correctly (gender specific) personalized messages and AUTOMATIC FOLLOW-UPS based on whether the original messages have been opened/read or not. It allows to run scheduled mailings (fire&forget) without the need of cron-jobs on your server and offers automatic bounce-handling. Along with automated subscriber data collection and HTML formatted email newsletters the users may even switch to SMS-MESSAGING and evaluate graphical success statistics. Separate administrator-accounts provide exclusive access to lists, documents, campaigns and statistics. The central language file allows for easy switching Between languages and new interface-languages to be added. Professional newsletters and entire eMarketing campaigns just a mouse click away. Features include: - Multiple accounts- Linked SMS Messaging - Automated campaigns - Scheduled mailings - Smart follow-up campaigns - Correctly personalized salutation (gender-specific) - 100% automated (un)subscription - List import/export- List cleaner / dupe check- Intelligent list management - Bounce management - Link tracking - Detailed statistics and campaign success assessment - Multi-format newsletters- Online HTML editor (WYSIWYG)- Anti-SPAM features- Rebrandable- Central language file- Attractive Co-Branding program offering up to 50% in commissions- and much more... UliCampaigner is actively supported and under constant development.Full version and a free installation service available at http://www.ulicampaigner.com/index_setup.html

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