IBiz Amazon Integrator C++ Edition

Version: 2.0.3022
Date: 2013-09-17
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT
No special requirements

Description - IBiz Amazon Integrator C++ Edition

The iBiz Amazon Integrator makes it easy to access Amazon Web Services from any supported platform or development technology. Easy-to-use components can be used to add, modify and delete Buckets or individual objects stored on S3, add or remove messages from SQS, or integrate with ECS e-commerce services. The IBiz Amazon Integrator provides an easy-to-use interface for accessing many Amazon Web Services. The components integrate seamlessly, providing your applications with access to a wide range of Amazon capabilities including storage, messaging, and e-commerce services. Easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon S3, SQS, and ECS. Small and lightweight components with no dependencies on external libraries. Native development components for all supported platforms and component technologies. Unlimited free Email technical support backed by an experienced & professional staff. Includes everything needed to rapidly add S3 storage and retrieval capabilities to your applications, including: extensive documentation, sample applications, integrated help, and much more! C++ classes packaged in a 32 bit Windows DLL. The version of choice for C++ programming. The same IP*Works! code as in our other editions, now available for C/C++ programming without the overhead of OLE2 Interfaces. 32-bit C++ class libraries (windows DLL`s) Extensive console demo applications. Seamless integration with popular development environments including Microsoft Visual C++.

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