Designa Database

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-08-31
No special requirements
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Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT
No special requirements

Description - Designa Database

Designa DataBase v1.0 is a fully featured database development tool which can be used by anyone to Create professional looking, uniquely tailored database solutions - without ANY programming knowledge. Simply `drag & drop` controls, datafields, labels and images to create the `look and feel` of your data application. The program will then automatically create a database backend to Connect to your form and bring your data solution alive! You are then able to use your application on your own machine or distribute it to others for them to create their own database using your design - the program automatically creates all distribution files to quickly and easily install the required system files to your clients machine(s)! Your `compiled` data application will have full search facilities as well as printing and data back-up features, providing you and your clients with a fully featured database solution. Designing databases using `conventional` methods requires at least some programming knowledge and experience as well as requiring the use of expensive and often Complex software packages. Designa DataBase enables anyone to create database applications for personal, commercial and business use quickly, easily and very affordably.Users of this software: Businesses - create sales trackers, personnel records, stores inventories, job sheets / records, etc.Personal Use - create databases for address books, financial information, CD content information, vehicle service records, etc.Clubs & Societies - create Membership records, bookings, keep track of loaned Equipment, etc.Easy to use `drag & drop` methods to quickly build your custom data formSingle line text, Multiline text, Combo boxes, List boxes, Labels, Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Images & Calendar controls all available!Change fonts, colours and sizes of your controls to build a truly bespoke applicationEasily compile your project into a standalone application...

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