IBackup Personal

Version: 3.2.2
Date: 2013-08-07
No special requirements
Windows 2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT
No special requirements

Description - IBackup Personal

IBackup Personal meets the demands of individual and enterprise customers for a secure, efficient, reliable, cost effective and easy to use backup solution with an additional emphasis on security and data retention. This application is unique in its ability to perform Real Time Backup, offer compressed, encrypted and versioned backups. The Combination of compression, encryption and versioning is achieved without affecting the backup performance. FeaturesReal Time Backup is a new feature that has been introduced in IBackup Personal 3.x. If any changes (file/ folder level) have been made to the user defined backup set, the IBackup Personal application will automatically backup the selected backup set to the IBackup Personal Repository directory IBackup Personal offers a very simple and intuitive user-friendly interface which is similar to the native Microsoft Windows explorer that enables easy selection of files/ Folders for backup and restore IBackup Personal supports high level of data security/ data encryption. The entire backup is stored and transferred with 256-bit AES encryption. Only the end users of the product know the encryption password and the same is not stored on the IBackup Personal serverIncremental backups are achieved by backing up only the modified portions of a file that was previously backed up resulting in FASTER backups. First time backup may take some time but the subsequent backups would be fasterEach backup creates a new backup set that is identified by the corresponding backup date and time IBackup Personal supports versioning of both backup sets as well as the individual file. This means users can restore prior backup set versions or users can restore up a unlimited number of versions of a single file.

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