Real Clipboard

Version: 3.1
Date: 2013-09-12

Description - Real Clipboard

Real Clipboard is an all-windows utility developed as an enhancement for the system clipboard. The program keeps hundreds of data items, which were copied to the system clipboard or drag-and-dropped to Real Clipboard directly, makes a HardCopy of its contents when system shutdown and restores data when power on. The pop-up menu of the program may be activated in many ways or may be always on top and visible. The program supports data items in text, RTF, HTML, bitmap and drag-and-drop file formats. Real Clipboard has user-defined clipboard collections, which are very convenient for frequently used information. A group of items or all items from user collection can be pasted at one mouse click. Items may be selectively printed or deleted. Some items may be scheduled to play Multimedia files or launch programs at specified time. The Scheduler allows creating talking clocks, which can chime and strike hours, listen to collection of audio files, Connect to the Internet broadcasting (TV or radio stations) at specified time. Real Clipboard has a Camera to take pictures or color at any point of the desktop or other applications. It is a very handy program and it really saves time when working with various data sources. In order to estimate saved time the program has special informative counter (units of measure - USD).

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