Waha Transformer Lite for DB

Version: 2.2.4
Date: 2013-07-02
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000
No special requirements

Description - Waha Transformer Lite for DB

Waha! Transformer is software to automate formatted data processing. All you have to do is define the working flow of the data Process and you`ll be able to automatically Create summations and transformations, while dramatically reduce costs.Everyday data processing with just One Click Customer data, sales data, order data, classification data, sales results, budget administration, various testing data, questionarie tabulation, etc. To have the various data sources delivered to you in the format you want, a data transform is all that is required. By reducing a data process that may take several hours to a single click, one may save several hundreds of hours a year in labor, translating to possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings per year.Waha! Transformer`s BenefitsDemerits to Manual Procedures When the same processes must be worked over similar data repeatedly, one runs in to the following demerits while working with manual procedures: It takes time to create tabulations of data every time. It`s easy to make mistakes with Complex procedures. It is difficult to pass the work on to another person. Waha! Transformer Solves Them All!Waha! Transformer`s Merits Once you define the transformation process for a given set of data, all it takes is a single click, resulting in a dramatically saving of time. Eliminates common errors made by manual processing. Intuitive data flow to display a processing Procedure and easily pass on to others. Flexibility when a process procedure changes. Cleans up dirty data making it usable. Can read and write to databases without any SQL knowledge

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