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Date: 2014-01-17
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RealBenefits real estate software is for real estate investment Analysis and valuation of income property and commercial real estate, plus loan software. About Us - our qualifications, how and why the software was developed, how long we`ve been in business, etc.It`s easy to learn the basic features and get started with the Real Estate Investment Software suite (this is also a commercial real estate and income property development software suite)Powerful advanced features for income property and commercial real estate developers, brokers, agents, and experienced investors. Advanced features for CPAs, such as being able to add your own custom analyses and alter the tax benefits formulasFree Encyclopedia of Income Property and Commercial Real Estate terms, concepts, principles, practices, and calculations. It explains financial indicators (Cap Rate, IRR, Return, GRM, DCR, DSR, etc). It also explains real estate practices and accounting principles related to income property and commercial real estate. Lastly, it explains how RealBenefits Software addresses these issues. This free real estate investment encyclopedia is more in-depth than any you can buy. It is fully functional and may be used an unlimited number of times. It`s part of the Benefits Workbook, which is included in the Real Estate Investment and Development Software suite. The Free Trial Version of the Benefits workbook expires after 10 uses with regard to its ability to make investment analysis presentations. However, the encyclopedia part of the software never expires and continues working forever. The encyclopedia is a permanent free resource for you, regardless of whether you buy Registered Software or not.

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