Invisible KeyLogger Stealth for 2000&XP

Version: 2.1
Date: 2014-01-10
No special requirements
Amecisco Ltd.
Windows XP/2000
No special requirements

Description - Invisible KeyLogger Stealth for 2000&XP

Invisible Keylogger Stealth for Windows 2000/XP is a standard security auditing tool for network administrators and concerned parents. The heart of IKS is a high-performance Win2K/XP kernel-mode driver which runs silently at the lowest level of Windows 2000/XP operating system. You will never find it`s there except for the growing binary keystroke log file with your input of keystrokes. All keystrokes are recorded, including the alt-ctrl-del trusted logon and keystrokes into a DOS Box or Java Chat room. In addition to a flexible and friendly keystroke log viewer, IKS is extremely configurable. We provide an easy-to-use install utility. You can rename the program file, and specify the name and the path of the log file. You only need to copy one file onto the target computer for the logging to take place. There is almost no way for the program to be discovered once the program file and the log file are renamed by the install utility. An exhaustive hard drive search won`t turn up anything. And the running process won`t show up anywhere. For companies and government agencies, we even provide a Custom Compile Edition of the program to ensure that nobody will be able to discover the IKS even thru a custom-made binary "signature" scanning program

Invisible KeyLogger Stealth for 2000&XP Invisible Keylogger

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