Remote Dialer XP

Version: 3.84
Date: 2014-01-09
No special requirements
Windows 2003/XP
No special requirements

Description - Remote Dialer XP

If You want to share your internet connection. This useful program will give you the ability to take control of your modem. Dial / hangup remotely, switch Between connection, Lock a connection,track online time and cost, display your online status,display Bandwidth Meter, and take advantage of the SMTP server auto relay are among of it`s facilities. Now It can run in the background as Windows service, so it will still running even if You are log off. Major feature Control your dial up connection from remote computer This will enable you to control the dial-up connection on the server machine remotely from client computer. This is useful if you are sharing your internet connection with ICS (Internet connection Sharing) using dial-up modem. Lock / unlock internet connection This is useful if you are downloading a file and do not want other client to hang up the connection. Just lock the connection and no one can hang-up Keep track your online time Remote Dialer will record your online time and calculate the cost for you ICS Dial-up Auto switcher Microsoft ICS only permit you to configure ICS on one dial-up entry. With Remote Dialer you can configure ICS on every Dial-up entryUseful if you subscribed to more than one ISP SMTP auto relay Just point the SMTP server on your outlook to Remote Dialer server, Remote Dialer will choose the correct SMTP server each time you dial a connection Local Area Network messaging Need to talk to other person at your home or office ? just write the message on Remote Dialer Run as Windows service Remote Dialer will run in background Process even you are log off from current session. Per user privilege to dial/hang up Bandwidth meter

Remote Dialer XP Remote Dialer Internet Connection

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