Photo Extractor

Version: 1.0
Date: 2014-01-02
No special requirements
Windows XP/2000/NT
No special requirements

Description - Photo Extractor

Do You take a digital camera with You to the holiday? Have You ever seen a message on the display about the flash card is unreadable and will be formatted now? I got the trouble like that when I was traveling to Italy about two years ago (by the way, that card called KingMax 256, the cards of other kinds didn`t made any problems). When I returned I bought a card-Reader and began to look in the Internet for any software to try to recovery it. But I didn`t like any of them and finally I made own program is able to search and Extract any JPEG files from the drive have Broken file system. So, I managed to restore about 90% the photos I thought be lost including the photos was removed a time ago. Now, here it is. Perhaps, it will help somebody (but perhaps, the card-reader will be necessary too).

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