Synkronizer for Excel

Version: 9.5
Date: 2013-12-05
No special requirements
Windows 2000/98/Me
No special requirements

Description - Synkronizer for Excel

Synkronizer is an easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful, Excel tool for comparing and synchronizing Excel spreadsheets and Excel databases.Synkronizer makes your life easier by saving your time and speeding up your data processing. It`s a must-have Excel add-in for everyone from power users to beginner users.What our competitor about Synkronizer says:Compare Suit, a competitor of us, tested six Excel comparison tools (Beyond Compare, Diff Doc, Compare It!, Merge, Compare Suit and Synkronizer) and recommended Synkronizer as the best Excel tool! Here is their assesment:"For those software engineers who work only with Excel files, we would recommend Synkronizer. It allows Compare Excel Files, but lack other functionality (comparing other file formats). Synkronizer has ability to Merge Excel Files."New features in Version 9.5We are pleased to inform you that we have just released the new version of Synkronizer.Synkronizer 9.5 contains the following new features:Support of Excel 2007 Support of Windows Vista File open dialogbox contains list of last synchronized files

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