Kwik Grader

Version: 5.9
Date: 2013-11-17
4.42 MB
No special requirements
Craig Hardy
Windows 98/NT
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Description - Kwik Grader

A grade book program designed for  teachers of any subject area.  It is easy to use,  and has a well- organized interface. The program includes many features such as:  a seating chart program, print previewing capabilities, a roll book print program, and options for creating numerous reports.  You may print out scores in a number of ways, including randomly according to student ID number for posting.  You can also set up your own categories and tasks to suit your grading style.  There are different methods for calculating averages: you may assign percentages  to categories or you may assign relative weights to individual tasks   You can quickly graph quarter, semester, or final grades.  The program accepts both  numerical and letter grades, which you may freely intermix.  Kwik Grader  is geared to schools that use an academic year consisting of two semesters and four quarters, four quarters,  or four quarters and a final exam.   A tutorial and a sample file are included to help you quickly master the

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