Version: 1.64.4
.NET Framework 1.1
Windows 2003/XP/2000/98/Me

Description - JeniuS

JeniuS is an universal file organizer. It let you organize your file in macro (audio, video, images...) and micro categories (author, genre, album, movie, photo, icon..)Files can be inserted into user-defined albums (ie: a music files collection) or into automatically generated ones. For every album you can specify the artist's name, a short description, an image (ie: the CD cover or the movie poster), the year and the gender.Every file will be deeply analyzed and the most important informations will be extracted: these informations are stored in JeniuS' library and are used to Catalog the file in the categories it fits best and to be able to find it easily in a second time. There are several ways to find again a file stored in the library: considering an audio file, you can select an album, artist or genre; show all audio files and then filter results; perform a basic or advanced search combining more search parameters; open the folder the file is stored in. Selecting one or more files all the informations detected and inserted by the user are shown. Clicking on them are displayed all the files that have the same info.It is possible to rate and express a comment on every file. This lets JeniuS generate an automatic playlist according to users' tastes in FACT of music, letting him listening for ex. only the music he likes most.Files not yet opened are indicated with a different color. JeniuS also contains a powerful Batch file renamer: its functions vary from the simple word substitution to the automatic common errors correction, from inserting a progressive number to convert filenames in H4(K3R ("hacker", useless function but nice :-) )In JeniuS is integrated a versatile multimedia player that supports several audio and video formats Highly configurable and with a nice user interface, JeniuS is a file organizer suitable for all file formats with various optimizations and special functions for multimedia files.

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