Sudoku Fun

Version: 1.0
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Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/Me/NT

Description - Sudoku Fun

Do you have the Sudoku bug? SUDOKU FUN is the cure! Sudoku is played on a 9 x 9 Grid, made up of nine 3 x 3 boxes. An initial Sudoku puzzle will have some numbers placed on the grid. You complete the puzzle by filling in the remaining numbers, making sure every row, column and Box uses each of the Digits 1 through 9. The beauty of Sudoku is that even though the rules are simple to understand, solving the puzzle can be a complicated logical task. Sudoku is a world-wide phenomenon. Puzzles are printed in daily newspapers and books of puzzles abound. The SUDOKU FUN program can help you learn to solve Sudoku puzzles. SUDOKU FUN can be used by both beginners and seasoned veterans and is a great classroom Logic exercise. You can enter a puzzle and solve it or the program can generate a puzzle (of varying difficulty) for you to try. Starting values can be symmetric or asymmetric. Puzzles can be saved for future use. Puzzles can be printed for portability. Need a hint? SUDOKU FUN can show possible values, draw `pencil lines` to eliminate possible values or fill in a number for you and tell you why that number was selected. Using hints is a good way to learn and develop your own solving strategies. As you solve a puzzle, the program can time and evaluate your performance. Unlike many Sudoku programs, the puzzles generated by SUDOKU FUN only have one solution (and the solver will only allow such puzzles). This eliminates the need to Guess. Guessing should never be needed to solve Sudoku puzzles!

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