The Business Inventory System

Date: 2013-07-02
No special requirements
Windows 98/2000/XP
No special requirements

Description - The Business Inventory System

The Business Inventory System is designed to be a one size fits all small business or at home business inventory program for cataloging and data base storage or you businesses inventory. Just about any type of item can be catalogued with The Business Inventory System, everything from A to Z. The Business Inventory System is great for the small business owner or at home business owner who needs to inventory several different types of products. Or for the at home business that may have several different business running at the same time including MLM`s. Additionally, The Business Inventory System is also a great inventory program for everything you own or need for your business, Create inventory list of the general items that you use for your business like TV, Furniture, Computers etc. for insurance and tax purposes. Like all of our software products, The Business Inventory System only requires that the aqua Marine colored fields in the upper left hand corner of the data screen be filled in, all other fields are free form allowing you to put in them what you want.


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