John William Waterhouse

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Description - John William Waterhouse

Edit by : In the Middle of the 19th century, a group of artists in England rebelled against what they viewed as the hypocrisy and pompousness of current art. This hypocrisy and pompousness was epitomized, in the view of these rebellious artists, by the art of the Italian Renaissance painter Raphael. They formed themselves into a group, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. They dedicated themselves to detailed, truthful and realistic renderings of art in direct opposition to what they viewed as the false theatricality of Raphael and his followers. Perhaps the greatest of these so-called rebels, John William Waterhouse gave the world a view of beauty and fantasy unlike any other artist before. Enjoy 40 treasures of beauty, fantasy and myth in this screensaver presentation of paintings from one of History`s greatest artists - John William Waterhouse.

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